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Welcome to the Press page of ‘District of Second Chances’, a groundbreaking film that sheds light on the transformative power of second chance legislation in Washington, D.C. 


World Premiere Of DISTRICT OF SECOND CHANCES To Screen At Dances With Films In Union Square


District of Second Chances Exclusive Poster Premiere Supports the Quest for Redemption Through Justice Reform Legislation


An Interview with Wynette Yao & Travis Edwards, the Director/Producer & Cinematographer/Editor of ‘District of Second Chances’

Dances With Films 2023 Review: DISTRICT OF SECOND CHANCES

Review: District of Second Chances

Review: District of Second Chances

Wynette Yao’s ‘District of Second Chances’ Documentary Premieres at Dances With Films


Wynette Yao’s ‘District of Second Chances’ Set for World Premiere at Dances With Films

District of Second Chances: Interview with Writer/Director Wynette Yao and Producer Travis Edwards

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‘District of Second Chances’: A Redemption Story

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